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Whereas standardized corporations may be sufficient for many business, there are definitely many situations that call for the creation of a more unique company. Such a company may need to be structured in different manner from your typical corporation for a variety of reasons, whether it is dictated by the composition of shareholders; its investment or organizational structure; its development objectives; its legal, financial or tax constraints; or such other factor.

And though many of these elements may be addressed within the context of antecedent contractual arrangement, in particular a shareholders' agreement, this is not always the case. Oftentimes there are core issues that are fundamental to the very nature of the company and those items are only properly dealt within the company's Articles of Incorporation (or amendment thereto). As such, it is important to understand both the fundamentals of the business and its objective goals, such that you can effectively collaborate with your legal counsel, such that the appropriate corporate structuring is undertaken. This includes:

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* Please note that the flat rates associated with a standard incorporation are strictly limited to a basic incorporation (federal, Ontario, Alberta) and does not involve other matters that might be corrollary to the incorporation process or might be atypical for a standard incorporation, including but not limited to related legal or tax advice, engagement with other governmental bodies or professional bodies, licensing, drafting of pertinent business contracts (i.e., shareholders' agreements), negotiations, disputes, financing, coordination with other companies or other legal structuring.


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